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18 Stunden  How Did Wedding Photography Change During the Last 3 Decades?

23.10.2019, 10:56     Bei "Reiseblog"


Gone are the days of boring wedding photography characterized by mediocre quality films. Technology has played a role in changing the wedding photography industry, which accounts for 13% of the $79 billion industry. Today, photography is the fourth most expensive purchase item for wedding expenditure. Apart from changes in photography, there’ ...
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3 Wochen  One day in London – an itinerary of 10 steps

29.09.2019, 08:56     Bei "Reiseblog"


Do you have only one day to visit London and would like to know how to get the most out of it? Then you should check out this 1 day in London itinerary as it’s made for you. London is a vibrant and dynamic city with a lot of possibilities. So the question is how to see a lot of things but also follow the slogan “quality before quantity& ...
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1 Monat  Favourite things to do in Saint–Cyr–Sur–Mer

18.09.2019, 06:27     Bei "Reiseblog"


In case you are looking for things to do in France, you should consider visiting Saint–Cyr–Sur–Mer. Amongst French people this place seems to be well known. But I’ve seen just few tourists from other countries there. Therefore, Saint–Cyr–Sur–Mer was for me a kind of insider tip. Another good thing is that t ...
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1 Monat  Sydney to Amsterdam for only $857 (AUD) roundtrip

11.09.2019, 21:10     Bei "Reiseblog"


The wonderful Amsterdam offers much more than just to smoke pot in its coffee shops. Therefore, you should take the opportunity of this cheap flight to visit the Dutch capital.A useful travel tip: if you buy a local SIM card in the Netherlands, it would work over all Europe. You would also pay the same charges throughout the whole Europe due to a E ...
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1 Monat  LuggageHero: Storage service for your luggage

05.09.2019, 08:03     Bei "Reiseblog"


Searching for a place where to store luggage temporarily can be pretty frustrating and nerve–racking. For instance, when I was traveling to Panama, I was looking for luggage storage in Panama City. Unfortunatelly, it was pretty hard to find a place because I had to contact a lot of hotels. Sure, I could have left it at the Tocumen airport, bu ...
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1 Monat  6 Great attractions to visit in Marseille

29.08.2019, 20:02     Bei "Reiseblog"


According to a legend, Marseille was founded, as greek sailors landed at the place of the present–day Marseille, while a Celtic king named “Nann” was looking for a spouse for his daughter “Gyptis”. But instead to choose a Celtic husband, Gyptis chose one of the greek newcomers. They married, and the Greeks and Celts fo ...
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2 Monaten  New York to Kuwait City for only $554 roundtrip

21.08.2019, 20:37     Bei "Reiseblog"


That’s a rare one, folks. I’ve never seen a fare to Kuwait. So if you want to fly to Kuwait this fall, this would be your chance to save a bunch of money and spend it on location. Check it out!Would like to get those deals by time, follow me on Facebook or my Twitter site, folks.FROM: New York (JFK)TO: Kuwait (KWI)PRICE: $554 (Please no ...
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2 Monaten  8 Best things to do in La Ciotat, France

18.08.2019, 18:24     Bei "Reiseblog"


La Ciotat is a small Provençal town in the very south of France east of Marseille. Among the French people it’s a popular vacation destination. The rest of the world seems not to know this place, me included. But when I heard about this town, I did some research about La Citotat. I found out that this town has some great claims to glory. At ...
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2 Monaten  New York to Paris for only $262

14.08.2019, 17:48     Bei "Reiseblog"


Looking for a destination in Europe in February 2020? If so, how about some great days in Paris, the city of love? Then check out this cheap flight, folks. Booking this flight, you can really save a bunch of money. I think, this deal will last for a couple of days. It’s a flight in the economy class. Please, check the additional information i ...
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2 Monaten  These facts about German carnival will broaden your horizon

02.08.2019, 17:47     Bei "Reiseblog"


In case you visit Germany* in January or February, you will probably often hear a word during this time which is “Fasching” [fa?i?]. Fasching is the main term for the German carnival period. It’s also called the “fifths season” and in some places jesting time (närrische Zeit). But it’s very different to the ...
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3 Monaten  Munich to Lima for only 450,– EUR

30.07.2019, 20:11     Bei "Reiseblog"


If you ever wanted to visit Peru and do some trekking towards Machu Picchu, this would be your chance, folks. Check out this cheap flight I discovered for you. Book this fare and then start reading my diaries I wrote during the Salkantay Trek. Please don’t forget to check the new regulations about the entrance to Machu Picchu you will find he ...
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3 Monaten  Where to stay in La Ciotat – La Maison d’Odette

25.07.2019, 07:00     Bei "Reiseblog"


When you travel to southern France and decide to stay in the Provençal harbour town La Ciotat, you might ask yourself: What is a good place to stay in La Citotat? In this town, there are some hotels but actually, there are more B&Bs and private apartments you can stay over. In this article I’ll show you a neat place where to stay in La C ...
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3 Monaten  London to Portland for only ?263

23.07.2019, 19:24     Bei "Reiseblog"


Hi folks, check out this deal I found for you. The flight goes from London to Portland (Oregon). The only catch: bags are not included but the luggage fee is only ?40 extra each way. Don’t miss this opportunity!FROM: London Heathrow (LHR)TO: Portland (PDX)PRICE: ?263 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time you check ...
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3 Monaten  New York to Singapore for only $611

15.07.2019, 19:25     Bei "Reiseblog"


A nice deal at the beginning of the new week. Save up to $400!Would you like to get those deals by time? Then follow me on Facebook or my Twitter site, folks.FROM: New York (JFK)TO: Singapore (SIN)PRICE: $611 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time you check it)REGULAR PRICE: $1000+DISCOVERED AT: Skyscanner* (Klick on the ...
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3 Monaten  7 English words in Germany and their different meaning

10.07.2019, 19:45     Bei "Reiseblog"


Since the english language became a business language, some of its vocabulary got adopted by a lot of countries around the world. In some places more, in other less. Sometimes, it’s even unavoidable (think about the IT and the internet). This led to the fact that in a lot of countries neologisms were invented you actually won’t find in ...
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3 Monaten  Los Angeles to Madrid for only $395 (basic economy, nonstop)

09.07.2019, 19:12     Bei "Reiseblog"


This fare is for early birds, folks. For the flight date is in April 2020. But if you wanted to fly to Madrid next year anyway, you should take this chance. I assume, this deal will last about two days. Please check the additional information below about the luggage fee, etc.Would you like to get those deals by time? Then follow me on Facebook or m ...
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3 Monaten  Chicago to Tokyo for only $535

04.07.2019, 19:43     Bei "Reiseblog"


Tokyo awaits, folks! Check out this fare to Japan’s capitol. Take this chance to book this cheap flight. I assume, this one will last just for a couple of days.Would you like to get those deals by time? Then follow me on Facebook or my Twitter site, folks.FROM: Chicago (ORD)TO: Tokyo (NRT)PRICE: $535 (Please note: the price may alter up or do ...
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4 Monaten  Canon macro ring flash MR–14EX II – product review

02.07.2019, 20:09     Bei "Reiseblog"


 Macro photography is a great possibility to express your creativity and it’s a lot of fun e.g. shooting flowers and plants. But also in macro photography you will have situations where you won’t have enough light so set a shutter speed fast enough to make photos hand held. Of course, a tripod would be helpful. But what if the subj ...
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4 Monaten  Perth to Brussels for only 902 AUD

24.06.2019, 18:54     Bei "Reiseblog"


I’ve discovered a cheap flight from Perth to Brussels, folks. In case you are planning a trip to Europe, this might be a good opportunity for you to save some money and spend it on–location. Brussels is a good starting point to travel through Europe. You can travel from there to Netherlands and visit Amsterdam. West Germany is also not ...
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4 Monaten  Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens Review

21.06.2019, 09:35     Bei "Reiseblog"


Macro and close–up photography is a great discipline to open to you a complete new perspective. Using a proper macro lens, you would have a lot of fun by getting a lot of new possibilities to develop your creativity. But what is a proper macro lens? There are a lot of photo equipment manufacturers out there, and of course, everyone of them ex ...
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