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1 Tag  Photoshop’s LAB mode – edit photos like a boss

20.04.2019, 20:47     Bei "Reiseblog"


Photoshop* has tons of features to edit and to retouch photos. As a beginner, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of possibilities and ways how to achieve great results.  Maybe that’s why the most people using Photoshop are not familiar with the so–called LAB mode which lives in a shadowy existence of the RGB mode. But if ...
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1 Woche  Traveling by train in Germany

14.04.2019, 12:22     Bei "Reiseblog"


The Germans have different opinions about the German railway company, called Deutsche Bahn [d??t?? ba:n]. A lot of them love to travel with the “Bahn”, how it’s called in Germany. On the other hand, a lot of people  cursing it as unpunctual, as dirty, with bad service, and with a fare system which nobody understands. But in d ...
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1 Woche  Munich to Panama City for €378,– (price drop)

08.04.2019, 19:46     Bei "Reiseblog"


I’ve discovered a price drop for a flight from Munich to Panama City, folks. It’s you chance to get a cheap flight and to visit the San Blas Island. To read about the San Blas, check my article about my trip to the Yandup Lodge which is a part of the San Blas archipelago.By the way, if you look for a possibility where to storage your lu ...
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2 Wochen  Things to do in Marseille – Château d’If

07.04.2019, 12:12     Bei "Reiseblog"


Have you ever read the book “The Count of Monte Cristo” by the great french writer Alexandre Dumas? If so, you surely remember the beginning of the story as the protagonist Edmond Dantès was imprisoned in the prison called Château d’If. To visit this place was for me something special as I loved to read “The Count of Monte ...
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2 Wochen  Secure accommodation in Croatia: luxurious and affordable ...

05.04.2019, 19:47     Bei "Reiseblog"


Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, attracting a growing number of visitors from all over the world. This article will help you find the right accommodation for your holiday trip in Croatia. We provide a choice of luxury villas and studio apartments at a budget–friendly price to make your trip to this dr ...
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2 Wochen  Muscle Cars – free download

01.04.2019, 19:17     Bei "Reiseblog"


Do you like muscle cars and would you like to have a couple of pictures? In this post I give you a possibility to download five photos of differen muscle cars. I shot them on a Shelby event last year, and you can have them for free, folks. The only thing you have to do, is to share this post on Facebook. After done, the download button will unlock ...
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3 Wochen  New York to Paris for only $289 – have a nice weekend!

30.03.2019, 12:54     Bei "Reiseblog"


Looking for a destination in Europe in January 2020? If so, how about some great days in Paris, the city of love? Then check out this cheap flight, folks. Booking this flight, you can really save a bunch of money. I think, this deal will last for a couple of days but no longer. It’s a flight in the economy class. Please, check the additional ...
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3 Wochen  Where to storage your luggage in Panama City

27.03.2019, 00:00     Bei "Reiseblog"


When you travel to Panama, you might go to the east coast, for example, to visit the San Blas Islands. The way to get there is usually to fly to the Tocumen Airport and after that you would need to go e.g. to the "Marcos A. Gelabert" International Airport (PAC). This airport is reserved for domestic flights. If you do this, you should ...
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1 Monat  Montreal to Havana Bus. Class for only C$401 – Holy moly!

23.03.2019, 09:42     Bei "Reiseblog"


Did you always dream to visit Cuba? This is your chance to get a cheap flight, folks. Check out this bombastic deal from Montreal to Havana (Business Class). You should be quick, for I assume this deal won’t last for a long time!FROM: Montreal (YUL)TO: Havana (HAV)PRICE: C$401 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time ...
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1 Monat  Modified rules for visiting Machu Picchu

13.03.2019, 14:28     Bei "Reiseblog"


If you are planning to hike to Machu Picchu or just visit this great place by taking a train, you should be familiar with the new rules Peru’s Minister of Culture issued. Some of them went already into effect in July 2017. From the January 1, 2019, the regulation about visiting Machu Picchu was modified. To be exactly, it’s about the re ...
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1 Monat  London to Hong Kong for only ?410 roundtrip

13.03.2019, 08:08     Bei "Reiseblog"


Hi folks, check out this deal I found for you. The flight goes from London to Hong Kong nonstop. The only catch: bags are not included but the luggage fee is only ?20 extra. Use the opportunity!FROM: London Heathrow (LHR)TO: Hong Kong (HKG)PRICE: ?410 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time you check it)REGULAR PRICE: ?60 ...
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1 Monat  What aperture to use depending on the subject?

09.03.2019, 12:04     Bei "Reiseblog"


Aperture is one of those variables beginners usually tend to use in the same way: if they want to have a portrait, they tend to open the aperture as wide as possible (f/1.8 or even f/1.4) to make the background as shallow as possible. On the other hand, in landscape photography, they tend to close the aperture as much as possible (up to f/22) to ge ...
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1 Monat  Error fare: New York to Kenya for only $377

05.03.2019, 09:14     Bei "Reiseblog"


Attention, folks. This is obviously an error fare I discovered, and if you wanted to fly to Kenya, this is your chance to get a very cheap flight. But as this is an error fare, please check my blog post about how to book error fare flights.FROM: New York (JFK)TO: Eldoret (EDL)PRICE: $377 (Please note: the price may change pretty fast as this is an ...
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1 Monat  Oktoberfest: Chicago to Munich for only $479 roundtrip

04.03.2019, 16:27     Bei "Reiseblog"


Want to visit the famous German Oktoberfest in Munich? Then check out this deal, folks. But be quick, as this fare will not last for a long time!FROM: Chicago (ORD)TO: Munich (MUC)PRICE: $479 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time you check it)REGULAR PRICE: $1000+ for flights to Munich during the OktoberfestDISCOVERED A ...
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1 Monat  Los Angeles to Sydney nonstop for only $487 roundtrip

03.03.2019, 13:15     Bei "Reiseblog"


Are you looking for a cheap flight from Los Angeles to Sydney? Then check out this deal I found for you, folks. It’s a great one as it’s a non–stop flight and the bag fees are included.FROM: Los Angeles (LAX)TO: Sydney (SYD)PRICE: $487 (Please note: the price may alter up or down depending on the time you check it)REGULAR PRICE: $ ...
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2 Monaten  The reason you should use Lightroom and Photoshop in photography

09.02.2019, 14:53     Bei "Reiseblog"


Have you ever been in a situation when you made photos with a DSLR in RAW–fomat and your pics never looked like professional ones you know from a poster, post card or the internet? And did you ask yourself, if the problem would be caused by your equipment? Or maybe it were your poor techniques which let you feel like an amateur without any sk ...
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2 Monaten  Experience an enjoyable holiday in Bruges

02.02.2019, 13:32     Bei "Reiseblog"


How to get to Bruges from Brussels airport?Bruges is a town in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. The closest airport to Bruges is Brussels Airport, which is located approximately 110 km to the east of Bruges. Therefore, the best way to get to Bruges is to hire private car transfer service at Brussels airport. The service offers a large choice ...
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3 Monaten  Salkantay Trek diary – Part 7: Machu Picchu – a ...

27.01.2019, 16:18     Bei "Reiseblog"


This is the seventh and the last part of my diary about my journey to Peru and the Salkantay Trek. Click here to read the sixth part, folks. As we approached at the bus station this morning at approximately 5 a.m., we assumed to be the first ones. But not a chance! We saw there about 100 people standing in line and waiting for the busses. Our consi ...
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3 Monaten  Salkantay Trek diary – Part 6: A rude awakening or the ...

20.01.2019, 18:44     Bei "Reiseblog"


 This is the sixth part of my diary and the fourth day of the Salkantay Trek, folks. To read the fifth part, please click here. Our destination Machu Picchu is getting closer, and I am looking forward for this fourth trekking day. Yesterday, after several hours of hiking, we drove the second part of the day by bus to our night camp which is lo ...
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3 Monaten  Salkantay Trek diary – Part 5: Santa Teresa and hot springs

06.01.2019, 16:22     Bei "Reiseblog"


 This is the fifth part of my Salkantay Trek, folks. To read the fourth part, please click here. Today we will leave Chaullay, and this will be the third hiking day of the Salkantay Trek towards Machu Picchu. The last two days were quite challenging, and especially the yesterday’s descent which lasted about 6 hours, left its marks. I don ...
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