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2 Wochen  Germany’s Partnach gorge – to be amazed

30.09.2018, 12:11     Bei "Reiseblog"


When you are planning to visit southern Germany, you should consider adding the famous Partnach gorge to your itinerary. In German this gorge is called “Partnachklamm” [partna:xklam] and in the year 2002 it was honored by the Bavarian environment agency. Since then it’s officially one of the most handsome gorges in Bavaria. But lo ...
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3 Wochen  Where to stay in La Ciotat – La Maison d’Odette

23.09.2018, 16:07     Bei "Reiseblog"


When you travel to southern France and decide to stay in the Provençal harbour town La Ciotat, you might ask yourself: What is a good place to stay in La Citotat? In this town, there are some hotels but actually, there are more B&Bs and private apartments you can stay over. In this article I’ll show one neat place to stay and I hope, you ...
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1 Monat  Things to do in Marseille – Château d’If

16.09.2018, 12:12     Bei "Reiseblog"


Have you ever read the book “The Count of Monte Cristo” by the great french writer Alexandre Dumas? If so, you surely remember the beginning of the story as the protagonist Edmond Dantès was imprisoned in the prison called Château d’If. To visit this place was for me something special as I loved to read “The Count of Monte ...
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1 Monat  Germany’s Barbarossa Monument – an insider tip

08.09.2018, 17:30     Bei "Reiseblog"


The most people who are traveling to Germany usually looking for well–known attractions like Neuschwanstein Castle, Oktoberfest, the Berlin Wall or the tavern Hofbräuhaus in Munich. The reason for that is that those points of interest are established attractions and they bring a bunch of money. In other words, they are beloved cash cows. ...
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1 Monat  One day in Chicago

31.08.2018, 18:13     Bei "Reiseblog"


If you are planning to visit Chicago just for one day with a long itinerary in your rucksack, I tell you straight: forget it! For Chicago is so big that you wouldn’t have time to see everything you want. Indeed, you have to spend at least a whole week there and probably even then you wouldn’t have seen a half of all stuff. When I went t ...
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1 Monat  Three things to do in Wisconsin

25.08.2018, 14:10     Bei "Reiseblog"


In some blogs I’ve seen tons of information about things to do in Wisconsin. But frankly, I didn’t have time to visit them all. And I doubt that there is someone else outside who has enough to time for all of these “attractions”. I’ve been for 8 days in Wisconsin and had time to visit just a couple of interesting thing ...
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2 Monaten  10 Things to do in Milwaukee

19.08.2018, 15:48     Bei "Reiseblog"


During my visit in Wisconsin I’ve seen a shirt with a slogan which was approximately like follows: “Wisconsin– the state of psychopaths and a good time”. Indeed, I had a good time there, but I asked myself: “What’s the deal with the psychopaths? And lived those guys in Milwaukee too? If you ask about it someone w ...
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