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1 Stunde  [Rezension] Kylie Scott: Crazy, Sexy, Love

27.04.2017, 13:18     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Originaltitel: Dirty Serie: Dive Bar, #1 Klappentext: Als Vaughan nach langer Zeit zurück in seine Heimatstadt kehrt, ist er auf alles vorbereitet – nur nicht auf eine tropfnasse und verzweifelte Braut in seiner Badewanne. Die wunderschöne Fremde heißt Lydia und hat gerade erfahren, dass ihr Verlobter sie betrogen hat. Mehrmals ...
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2 Tagen  [Rezension] Kelly Jamieson: Shut Out

25.04.2017, 12:55     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Bayard Hockey, #1 Klappentext: The Bayard College hockey team isn’t where Jacob Flass thought he’d be a season ago. He was a rising star in the Canadian major junior league, cruising toward a spot on an NHL roster–until a single disastrous night on the town brought it all crashing down. Now he’s out of […]

4 Tagen  [Rezension] Kelly Jameson: Dancing in the Rain

22.04.2017, 17:53     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


  Klappentext: Drew Sellers is drowning in broken dreams and empty beer bottles. Hockey was his world, until a bum knee reduced him from superstar to has–been. Then he learns that, thanks to a one–night–stand back in college, he’s the father of a preteen girl with major issues. Her protective aunt sees right through Dre ...
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1 Woche  [Rezension] Lili Valente: Hot as Puck

20.04.2017, 11:53     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Bad Motherpuckers #1 Klappentext: The NHL’s biggest bad boy is about to fall for the virgin next door… I am the world’s biggest dating failure. We’re talking my last date went home with our waitress kind of failure. But I have an ace in the back pocket of my mom jeans–my sexy–as–sin best friend, [ ...
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1 Woche  [Rezension] Catherine Gayle: In the Zone

17.04.2017, 16:17     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Portland Storm #5     Klappentext It was supposed to be a single night of fake names, half–truths, and anonymous sex. Neither of them was prepared for it to become more. Keith Burns, star defenseman for the NHL’s Portland Storm, was just looking for a way to pass the time and ease the loneliness […]

1 Woche  [Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Double Major

15.04.2017, 07:59     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Portland Storm #4.5   ?Double Major– ist eine Novella aus dem Portland–Storm–Universum, die bisherigen Paare der Serie am Rande der Doppelhochzeit von Dana/Eric und Rachel/Brenden zeigt. Im Zuge der Feierlichkeiten trifft Sara überraschend auf ihre Mutter, während Noelle und Kally auf dem Sprung in den Schwed ...
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2 Wochen  [Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Delay of Game

12.04.2017, 11:36     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Portland Storm #4   Klappentext Fourth–line winger Cam Johnson fights like hell for his team–even if he has to break the rules. A vigilante on the ice, Cam takes on all the battles, whether they’re his fight or not. The Portland Storm is his team–his family–and he’ll take down anyone who threatens the ...
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2 Wochen  [Rezension] P. Dangelico: Wrecking Ball

10.04.2017, 09:39     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Hard to Love, #1 Inhalt: Cam DeSantis’ life is a hot, steaming pile. How else would you describe losing your husband, your job, and your money all at once? Desperate times call for desperate measures, so when salvation comes in the form of one intolerable a–hole, who just happens to be the starting quarterback […]

3 Wochen  [Rezension] K. C. Lynn: An Act of Courage

06.04.2017, 11:31     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Acts of Honor #4; verknüpft mit ?Resisting Temptation– (Men of Honor, #3)   Inhalt She’s the light from his past. He’s the one her heart has always longed for. Trained by the best, Christopher Walker has fought hard for his country and even harder to forget the only girl he’s ever loved. He spent […]

3 Wochen  [Rezension] K. C. Lynn: Resisting Temptation

04.04.2017, 11:22     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Men of Honor #3; verbunden mit der Acts–of–Honor–Serie Klappentext: They met in the most unlikely place, where death and destruction were just as pronounced as the desert heat that surrounded them. Her voice lured him in, but it was her kind heart and understanding soul that anchored his broken one. She stood for everything ...
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3 Wochen  [Flashback] März 2017

02.04.2017, 10:18     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


  Wie euch nicht entgangen sein dürfte, bin ich immer noch in Leselaune. Bereits sechzig Bücher hab ich in diesem Jahr schon verschlungen, einundzwanzig allein im März – darunter, ebenfalls nicht zu übersehen, jede Menge Eishockey–Romanzen, von denen ich im Moment nicht genug kriegen kann. Keine Ahnung, wann sic ...
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3 Wochen  [Reklame] Deutsche Ausgabe von ?Him– im Angebot

01.04.2017, 12:49     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Gerade bei Amazon gesehen: Die deutsche E–Book–Ausgabe von ?Him– ist gerade für 3,99 Euro im Angebot (Stand: 1.4.2017 –?Kein Aprilscherz!). Schlagt zu!   Sarina Bowen/Elle Kennedy: Him –?Mit ihm allein (Him #1) Klappentext: Jamie und Ryan waren beste Freunde. Die Sommer, die sie gemeinsam im Eishockey–T ...
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3 Wochen  [Rezension] Kate Kacvinsky: Finally, Forever

31.03.2017, 12:11     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: First Comes Love, #3 Inhalt College baseball player, Gray Thomas, had to go far out into left field to find a girl like Dylan, the ex–love–of–his–life. More than a year later, literally at a crossroads, they find each other together on a journey that is a pause between a painful past and an uncertain […]

1 Monat  [Rezension] Kerrigan Byrne: The Highwayman

29.03.2017, 12:31     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Victorian Rebels #1 Inhalt Dorian Blackwell, the Blackheart of Ben More, is a ruthless villain. Scarred and hard–hearted, Dorian is one of Victorian London’s wealthiest, most influential men who will stop at nothing to wreak vengeance on those who’ve wronged him…and will fight to the death to seize what he wants. The ...
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1 Monat  [Bücher aus der Hölle] Mia Sheridan: Die geheime ...

26.03.2017, 15:22     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Originaltitel: Archer’s Voice Klappentext: Manchmal sagt eine kleine Geste mehr als tausend Worte … Als Bree in der verschlafenen Kleinstadt Pelion ein Häuschen am See mietet, findet sie endlich die Ruhe, die sie so verzweifelt sucht. Doch dann trifft sie Archer Hale, den zurückgezogen lebenden Außenseiter, von dem die an ...
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1 Monat  [Rezension] Sarina Bowen: Hart Hitter

24.03.2017, 10:30     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: New York Bruisers #2 Inhalt: As team captain and enforcer, Patrick O’Doul puts the bruise in the Brooklyn Bruisers. But after years of fighting, O’Doul is feeling the burn, both physically and mentally. He hides his pain from the coaching staff, but when his chronic muscle strain becomes too obvious to ignore, he’s sent [&# ...
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1 Monat  [Tipp] ?Dropping Gloves– von Catherine Gayle gratis

21.03.2017, 13:33     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Wie wohl kaum einem Mitleser hier entgangen sein dürfte, bin ich ziemlich angetan von Catherine Gayles ?Portland Storm––Serie und Jamie ?Babs– Babcock im Speziellen. Für alle, die sich vielleicht von meiner Begeisterung anstecken lassen wollen, der Hinweis: Katie und Jamies Buch, ?Dropping Gloves–, gibt es für ...
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1 Monat  [Rezension] Sarina Bowen/Elle Kennedy: Good Boy

20.03.2017, 11:14     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: WAGs #1 und Spin–Off zu Us/Him Klappentext: Hosting her brother’s wedding for an MVP guest list is the challenge of Jess Canning’s life. Already the family screw–up, she can’t afford to fail. And nobody (nobody!) can learn of the colossal mistake she made with the best man during a weak moment last spring. It [& ...
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1 Monat  [Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Lighting the Lamp

17.03.2017, 12:56     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Serie: Portland Storm #3 Klappentext: Hockey star Liam Kallen lost his scoring touch when his wife died. Still broken up over her loss, Liam’s darkness overpowers him, but his new team–the Portland Storm–needs him. A chance meeting brings him face to face with Noelle Payne, the most positive and upbeat woman he’s ever met, a ...
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1 Monat  [Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Ice Breaker & Taking a Shot

16.03.2017, 12:36     Bei "buecher.ueber-alles!"


Wie gestern angekündigt, folgen weitere Portland–Storm–Artikel. Bei den beiden Novellas handelt es sich um zwei Short Stories über Jamie „Babs“ Babcock und Katie Weber.   Catherine Gayle: Ice Breaker (Portland Storm #0.5) Klappentext: Jamie „Babs“ Babcock couldn’t wrap his head around the fac ...
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